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A fine stroll on the beaches and night clubs of Manchester

A fine stroll on the beaches and night clubs of Manchester
22nd September 2016

Hi peeps and pals,

First let me introduce myself. I’m Richard Pinto. I am a resident of United States of America. I am an avid traveler. Traveling is my life and that is I what I crave for. Wanderlust is my thing as I believe that exploring new places gives experience for a lifetime which you can cherish throughout. Few weeks ago I made my way into the city of Manchester to yet again experience a new voyage altogether. And as I landed into the city of Manchester, I found that I was developing fondness for this city with every passing moment. Here I would like to mention that England is one country that each and every of the travel enthusiast and travel freak would love to visit and they must visit no matter what. So I am going to narrate my experiences in the city of Manchester .

Manchester has always been a city which is always known to be a place for football, amazing art forms, football clubs, mind boggling literature, renewed scientific inventions, awesome hip swaying music, night life culture, mouth watering food and festivals, celebration and revelry. Keeping aside all the other aspects of the city, the city of Manchester serves you with one of the best mannered and civilized people of the whole world. And I was feeling really astonished by the way I was growing love for this city. This city was able to give me everything that I always wished to have in my life. Everything in this city is totally amazing. And the amazing weather adds cherry on the cake in enhancing the charm of this city.

My day in Manchester took off smoothly with a cup of tea in my cozy bed of my beautiful hotel. It was a beautiful morning with a sunny sky. I was loving every bit of it and then I made my decission to visit the nearby beaches of the city. The beaches which I eventually chose to visit were all family beaches with soothing air, all around and great crowd making their way over to there. I eventually ended up revitalizing all my energy. While having a sun bath on the beach, I befriended some of the locals over there on the beaches of Manchester and they even invited me to play beach volley ball with the them. They were really nice bunch of people and they never made me feel like a foreign body. It was altogether an amazing experience.  They even let me know about some of the places to visit in Manchester. They assisted me by giving better insights of the city.

As the day ended and evening came, I had some great snacks on the streets of Manchester and then headed towards northern quarter to experience some of the best night life fun. The night turned out to be full of fun and music as I had a high profile Manchester escort’s company. I enjoyed every bit of it and then returned back to my hotel and had a good sleep. I had few more days to stay in Manchester.


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