Selfie image exposure

What exactly is that selfie that everyone seems to be talking about? Of course, everyone knows what a selfie is, but not everyone executes it the way they should, especially, if they want to get the best picture to portray a certain self-image. There are several ways to take a selfie that projects the ideal image, in the right setting, with the right lighting, and with the right pose, among other things.

Manchester Escort Reviews indicate that clients choose girls that have better profile pictures. The girls with better profile pictures tend to get the most clients. Therefore, it is important to learn how to take better profile pictures.

The Lighting

When you are taking a selfie photo, lighting is very important. Yes, the first thing is to find the best possible lighting. It’s better to take selfies in broad daylight as long as it is convenient. The colors “bounce” and the details are displayed carefully. The light creates a special background in the images, so different lighting allows you to easily change the theme you want to present to make you look better. Turn on the front camera and test different lighting conditions.

Take Advantage of Daytime

In the daytime, you don’t need the flash feature on the phone. You would just take advantage of daylight. Natural light is the best light, but unfortunately not always available. However, do not use the phone flash, if the weather is bleak during the day. The light during the day is still strong to depict the mood of the image, even, if the image might look pale. So, if you want to depict a somber mood, this type of lighting would be fun.

Natural Light From Indoors

If you are indoors, a regular window works perfectly as a light source and gives the image a soft feel. If you are doing this during a cloudy day indoors, it will soften the light even further and it is the best time to be near the window. In sunny weather, avoid the strong light at noon. If you’re not shooting alone, borrow a flashlight from a friend’s phone.

If it’s completely dark, you can turn on the front camera flash on your phone and save the images from there and share them in your profile. The image quality of cell phone cameras has evolved tremendously in recent times, which has made every smartphone owner a photographer of their own lives. Social media is full of images and it is difficult to separate from the image stream. So how do you take better and more interesting pictures on your phone?

Clean the Lens

A cell phone is an object you keep in your pocket or purse from day to day and the lens is exposed to dirt all the time. So don’t ruin a good picture with a dirty lens! You can easily clean the lens of your mobile phone even with a handkerchief or the sleeve of a soft fabric shirt.

Viewing Angle

Selfies are a big part of contemporary culture and the Internet is bursting with them. When creating a Manchester escort profile, you usually want to show yourself at your best, which is why we have listed tips on how to succeed in taking better selfies.

The angle of view is very important when taking a selfie. We’ve all sometimes experienced it when we open the front camera and see ourselves and find that it is not at a very flattering angle! What should you do? Hold it at a little higher angle; slightly upside down. Change the angle from side to side, directly in front or from above until you get the right angle. Try and take many test shots with different expressions. Find out which angle is best for YOUR face.


Posing in front of the camera for a selfie can sometimes be a little challenging, especially when you want the right pose. This is also especially true in a situation where there are other people around and you don’t know how you should pose. Practice in front of a mirror so you can figure out which facial expression and body positions are best for you. When you know what works best for you and your personality, posing becomes a much easier and faster process.

The benefit of posing is to find out which position is the most flattering and suitable for YOU. Is there something you are particularly happy with about yourself? Let it show in the final photo! Put your chin up, turn your head, take a picture right away and let the chips fall where they may. You can always take several pictures and see which one comes out the best.  Highlight the best features of your face with serious and happy expressions. Have fun while doing it!

While you are taking your selfie and if you are trying to get the best portrait, you should do some of these things below:

Get help from a friend. While selfies are primarily images of ourselves, they are more fun and less embarrassing when you get help from a friend. Usually, it leads to laughter and jokes, so the pictures are less staged and more sincere.

Work from afar. Nothing spoils a selfie like a hand showing in a picture. However, you can easily solve the problem by getting a selfie stick that takes a picture for you on your phone without having to hold it in your hand.

Find your filter. If you are not taking a #nofilter image, there is nothing wrong with using filters. But not all filters are suitable for everyone. There are some filters, for example, that are great for light-skinned people and some for darker skin tones.

Check the background. It would be good to show the real you in the pictures, but no one needs to see your laundry, your sheetless bed, or dirty dishes. Look for a simple, but beautiful background that doesn’t take you away from the focus of the picture.

In Summary

Vary your expressions to diversify your selfie collection and to have better Profile Image Selections. Show your feelings with funny or exciting expressions. Whether you’ve bought a new lipstick, show it off with a duck-face look, or if you’ve got a top grade on the exam, give a big smile. Take pictures that stand out from the crowd.


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