The Museum of Science and Industry is situated at oldest railroad station in the whole world – Liverpool Rd, Castlefield. It has 12 galleries. The Air and Space Gallery is a must see, in the bosom of which numerous historic aircraft can be seen. One of the most important of them is replica of Triplane 1 by A.V.  Roe – the first British plane to fly successfully.

One of the gallery named Power Hall showcases the water and steam-driven machines  belonging to the golden age of the textile industry. Vintage made in Manchester cars such as 1904 Rolls Royce enhances the antiquity of MOSI.

The history of Manchester from Roman times to the present day through the Industrial Revolution is cited in the Station Building.


The veneel of the neo-Gothic Town Hall is imperial finesse and graces Albert Square.  One can enjoy all inclusive scenic beauty of the city from the towers. Great Manchester Exhibition Centre hosts numerous musical performances throughout the calendar. It is also one of the largest aforesaid sites in England. One mustn’t skip to visit to visit Free Trade Hall, 1951. The interior of the Council Chamber pulls special attention with the cycle of Fort Madox Brown paintings depicting the history of the city. It was built in the thick of former Victorian railroad station on Windmill Street.


Designated an “Urban Heritage Park”, Castlefield is situated to the west of Deansgate Station. It is a great experience to walk amidst the earnestly revived Victorian houses, along the old canals or through the recreated Roman Fort. Be sure to take a trip on one of the tour boats and explore the Bridgewater Canal which was constructed in 1761 for shipping of coal from the mines at Worsley to Manchester, and several other old warehouses that have been restored and turned into shops, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Other interesting sites that are sure to attract tourists are the Castlefield Art Gallery with its carnival of contemporary art, and the Bridgewater Hall, home to the Halle Orchestra and first-class concerts.


The gaudy home of one of the largest Chinese communities in Britain, located at Boyle St, Cheetham, Chinatown is only at a short distance from the Manchester Art Gallery. The handsomely festooned arched gateway leading into the district is especially noteworthy. One can find Chinese handicrafts at the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art. Many shops and restaurants offering a wide range of succulent delicacies from Hong Kong and Beijing have become established in recent years.

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