Visiting Leeds – Theatres in Leeds to Spend Quality Time

Leeds is a city which has many things to offer to the locals as well as to the tourists. The place is all about music, comedy, theatre, ballet and opera. The city is known for its culture which is still the main attraction to the city and the people have great values towards it. So if you are into mosh pit or a musical, you will definitely get the best and you don’t need to really try hard as well to get them as it’s available easily. Many people around the world just visit the place Leeds to experience the cultural events and theatre experience available here. This may be a small city but it has lots to offer along with the beautiful city as it is. It is sure that you will definitely find a show you’ll love in Leeds.

One of the best theatres in Leeds would be the Leeds Grand Theatre which has attracted some of the world famous and unique productions for many years now. To name a few would be Morecambe and Wise to Shrek trading the boards. Also another surprising factor would be that this place also hosts Opera north and its home. Opera North is very famous in the world and has travelled and toured around the globe showcasing their work and also has done many premiered Opera shows which has been very rarely seen in the whole of Britain country people.


Another name when we talk about theatres comes in picture would be City Varieties. This theatre has showcased some of the legendary big names who are the best entertainers in the world such as Charlie Chaplin and Houdini in this very stage for many years. Hence now, this theatre is Leeds most iconic theatre and people around the world come to visit this theatre just for this reason only. Presently this theatre caters for lovers of comedians, pantomimes and also live music lovers.

If you are looking for a modern’s venue, then the place to be would be Carriage work Theatre which is located in the Electric Press on Millennium square which programs a wide variety of shows relating theatre and film. The shows generally concentrate on family entertainer which makes the whole family watch the show and invites a bigger crowd to enjoy together. And if you are looking to witness local talents, then the place to go would be West Yorkshire which runs big shows with the local talents like Alan Bennett.

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