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What are the best hygienic-tips followed by Cheshire escorts?

All escorts in the industry consider their private parts and the lady-bits …

17th June 2019
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What are the best hygienic-tips followed by Cheshire escorts?

17th June 2019

All escorts in the industry consider their private parts and the lady-bits as the most important tools for their profession and therefore, hygiene is of utmost importance to them. They rely heavily on their body and understand the importance of hygiene in their day to day lives. If you have been wondering what steps do Manchester escorts or Cheshire escorts take to stay healthy and hygienic, here is a brief about their schedule.

They maintain a healthy diet: Although escort women get several opportunities to indulge in different types of food and drinks and generally live a high flying life, they still do take several dietary precautions. If they are not with their clients, their diets usually contain healthy food rich in proteins and carbohydrates. They also follow an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent infections and STDs. The escorts are diet conscious because they need to maintain their body and figure along with skin and hair. Their job is to look good and is utmost important in their profession.

They use protective measures: No escort will oblige to have sex with you if you do not use safety measures like wearing a condom. Condoms keep their private parts protected from STD and unwanted infections. Some escorts will also request you to change the condoms between oral and vaginal sex. This is a given in the escort industry and as a customer you will have to oblige to their request. It is healthy for you and her.

They never miss their gynaecologist appointment: Escort women are extremely diligent and religious about visiting their gynaecologist on a regular basis for check-up. This helps them keep their health under check and in good condition. In case of any women related problems they do not work and take a break until they are well again. They are honest in their profession and expect the same from you as their customer. If you have any problem related to STD or urinary tract infections, you should refrain from hiring an escort as you can pass on the infection to the escort.

They exercise regularly: All escorts are most worried about their figure and their vital statistics. Apart from maintaining their body, the regular exercise also helps them to stay active and brisk while on job. You will never find an escort who is ignoring her health and avoiding or skipping her exercise regime. This is a very good habit and perhaps we can take a leaf out of their book.

They maintain their dental and oral health: Apart from looking good it is also important for an escort to smell good and have clean teeth. Her smile is precious and is the most attractive feature in her body. That is what attracts her customers to her. So most escorts make regular visits to their dentists and ensure that they have perfect oral and dental conditions. They do understand that their breath has to smell good when they talk to their customers and for sexual reasons as well.

You might find it quite surprising that Liverpool escorts go so far to maintain their hygiene just to stay in the profession. It is not simply that they charge a higher amount as compared to other sex workers, because along with them you do get a person who is clean and safe health wise. Most agencies that employ escorts require them to furnish their medical reports before they are employed. Escorts do understand the requirements of the profession and do everything that it takes to survive the industry. If you have been worried about hiring an escort for hygiene worries, then do not do so because they take all the above measures to stay healthy and hygienic.


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