Which Girls Are More Fun, Blonde Or Brunette?

Ever since Marilyn Monroe’s iconic photo, society has stereotyped blondes, claiming they tend to have more fun. But what about brunettes? Does that mean that blondes have all the fun while brunettes escorts have to watch from the sidelines? Well, you may be in for a surprise once you find out the truth.

What Does Science Say? 

According to science, even during the Stone Age, men thought that blonde women were healthy and filled with vitality. Hence, they attracted more attention. Recent studies have shown that brunette women are considered sensible and rational while blondes are considered more free-spirited.

One study found that 36% of men want a blonde woman in their bedroom while 31% prefer to have a romp in the bedroom with a brunette beauty. The difference is not huge but for many that 5% can make all the difference.

Another study found that most men believe that blondes have the most fun but it is the brunette women who make the best lovers. Nearly 58% of men claim that brunette women are far superior in bed compared to blondes, and just 16% of men opined that blondes are the best lovers.

Considering the discrepancy in the studies, it is best to say that the jury is out. No doubt, a blonde-haired woman tends to attract more attention because of her hair colour and hence, is always in the limelight. On the other hand, a brunette woman will have fun in the quiet, far away from all the attention and adulation.

Blonde or Brunette? 

Many men get confused when it comes to choosing between a blonde and a brunette. Well, there is no need to have any doubts. Remember, blondes have a reputation of being adventurous, carefree, and fun and those characteristics are what men tend to seek in the bedroom from their women.

Brunette women are considered more passionate and give men a sense of security. So, if you are the kind of man who wants passion in the bedroom and also wants to feel good about yourself, a brunette is more up your alley.

Fun Lies in the Hair of the Beholder 

Ultimately, whether you want to take a blonde or brunette for a romp in the hay, it will be a personal preference. If you are partial towards blondes, you should go with them but do not shy away from spending time with brunettes.

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